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 Locators World Wide is preparing to launch our new website in the new year.

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 Looking for a collectors car, truck RV or other vehicle and cannot find it?  .


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 Heavy Duty Equipment - We will locate what your looking for.


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 Automotive news, articles, photos of new products coming 2017.

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Automotive news, articles, photos of new products coming 2017.

From of The Early Vette Shop in Shohola, Pennsylvania, he oversees a variety of restorations of some of the rarest and rattiest Corvettes in the country. Aided by his brother, the two-man crew is a well-oiled force to be reckoned with; versed not only on the history and mechanicals of Chevy's fiberglass hot rod, but also on how to keep them up and running and out on the road where they belong.

For Me, I know I will never top this one. Probably the find of my life

Along with restoration comes some exploration. He has been doing these "search-and-rescue" missions since he was a teen. He pulled his very first Corvette out of a muddy swamp nearly 40 years ago. And yes, he still has that particular 1962 and it's never looked or sounded better. But even with four decades of Corvette round-ups under his belt, there are some experiences that can boggle his mind.